The Security Frame Essay

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1. A issue defining frame can be classified as a frame for illegal immigrants, illegal aliens, illegals, undocumented workers, undocumented immigrants, guest workers, temporary workers, amnesty, and border security. Each frame defines a problem in its own way, but has a solution to be able to solve the problem.

Illegal Immigrant -" It frames the problem as one about the illegal act of crossing the border without papers. As a consequence, it fundamentally frames the problem as a legal one."

The Security Frame -" The government is held responsible to provide security for its citizens from criminals and invaders."

Amnesty -" A pardoning of illegal action it implies that the fault lies with the immigrants, and it is a righteous act for the US Government to pardon them."

Temporary workers -" Come to America for a short time, work for low wages, do not vote, have few rights and services, and then go home so that a new wave of workers without rights, or the possibility of
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The understanding of the immigration issue is to focus on the problem entirely on the immigrants and the administrative agencies charged with overseeing immigration law. The reason is that these are the only roles present in the Immigration Problem Frame. As a humanitarian crisis, the solution could involve The UN or the Organization of American States. Framing this as just an "immigration problem" prevents them from penetrating deeper into the issue. The current situation can also be seen as civil rights problem. Immigrants are assimilated into the American system, but are forced to live underground and in the shadows because of their legal status. They are denied ordinary civil rights. The "immigration problem" framing overlooks their basic human dignity. In conclusion the "immigration problem" frame blocks the understanding of this issue as a cheap labor issue. Framing matters and the "immigration problem" will not address these concerns because they are absent from the "immigration
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