The Sermon On The Exodus

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In the book of Exodus, we see how God takes the children of Israel out of Egypt, He Baptizes them in the Red Sea, leads them through the desert for forty years, works signs and wonders, and he personally meets them at the top of a mountain where he gives his Law (Ex 13:16; 14:16; Jos 5:6; Ex 16:4; 20:1-17 TNOAB). In Matthew, we see how Jesus leaves Egypt at twelve years old, is baptized in the Jordan River, goes to the desert for forty days, works signs and wonders, and finds himself personally with Israel on a hill where he delivers this same Law but amplifies (Mt 2:20; 3:13; 4:1-24; 5:1). Jesus walked through the history of Israel, and in it all the promises of God's covenant with Israel were fulfilled. The Sermon on the Mount “Is quite simply the most celebrated discourse by Jesus of Nazareth, the incarnate Word.” His words influenced his immediate listeners. However, it is not just about listening to this sermon; we also must apply it. We will see what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount and how we can apply his words to our lives. “The beatitudes are the crowning achievement in the Christian’s life on earth.” And since the world cannot be transformed or offered to God without the spirit of the beatitudes, therefore, we must also try hard to assimilate it so that in this way our life, labors, and trials make us worshipers that in every place we act saintly and consecrate the world to God. This page of the Gospel of Saint Matthew expresses admirably all the elevation

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