The Seven Virtues Of Samurai

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Long ago, government was a lot different than it is today. There were warriors, called Samurai warriors. A Samurai is a warrior that served in Japan. The training of a Samurai warrior started in the Samurai´s childhood. In training, they were required to kendo, which was ¨the way of the sword.¨ Most Samurai were Buddhist. Samurai based they way they lived off their religion. They were expected to live under the word of the Bushido, a strict ethical code influenced by Confucianism that stressed loyalty to one's master, respect for one's superior, ethical behavior in all aspects of life, and complete self-discipline. The Seven Virtues of Bushido had four main principles: 1-Frugality. No matter how wealthy the Samurai was, she lived in discomfort.

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