The Sexualization Of Girls Is Harmful

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We live in a world where we solely base our ideas, thoughts, behavior, and opinions of ourselves, etc. on what other people think of us and what we want them to think of us. The reason being is that people try to gain acceptance from the world and its peers. By doing this, human beings allow themselves to live unhappy in exchange for everyone else’s happiness and approval. The best solution(s) to preconceived ideas about body image is to first realize that you are beautiful no matter what size or shape you are, pinpoint what is keeping you from loving yourself, notice negative self-thoughts, surround yourselves with people who only have positive comments about your health and your life, and lastly, you must learn how to control, master, and …show more content…

As a child and even an adult now, I have constantly heard “you’re so skinny. You need some meat on your bones. Do you eat?” In today’s society, children as young a five experience negative comments and thoughts about their body image. According to an article written by Olivia Ferguson and Hayley Mitchell Haugen, entitled “The Sexualization of Girls Is Harmful”, “in child beauty pageants, girls as young as five wear fake teeth, make-up, and hair extensions” (np). They are purposely motivated by their parents to flirt with the audience by batting their false eyelashes and walk with their hands on their hips. As stated in the same article, “the sexual, ideal body image of a woman comes from the media and marketing” (np). Shows, movies, magazines, and music videos usually portray the ideal woman as being fit, in “perfect shape”, beautiful skin, and long, healthy hair. This article suggests that “the average child views over six hours of media per day” (np). Actually, in sports, “female athletes are more likely portrayed as sexual objects than male athletes” (np). Women are considered, by men, sexual at an early age. They try to make themselves look “perfect” just to please a …show more content…

Human beings must first realize that they are beautiful no matter what size or shape they are, then they must find what is keeping them from loving themselves, notice negative self-thoughts, surround themselves with people who only have positive comments about their health and their life, and lastly, they must learn how to control, master and pilot their mood. It is essential that we take action now to deal with this problem due to the fact that children are coming into this world and growing up having eating disorders because they are being told by their families how they should look. We must take a stand

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