The Shift Of Online : The Implications For Screenwriters

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The Shift to Online: The Implications for Screenwriters
A “scenarist”--someone who came up with funny situations for silent films--was the early form of what would eventually become the screenwriting industry. Since the silent films being made in the 1890 's had no dialogue, it wasn 't until the emergence of sound in film, in the 1920 's, that writers flocked to Hollywood in order to become a part of the new, promising industry. (“Cinema”) Screenwriting is the workmanship and art of composing scripts for mass media communications like feature films, television,and video games. Screenwriters are in charge of looking into the story, developing the narrative, actually writing the screenplay, and presenting it to industry executives. Screenwriters have the greatest influence over the creative direction and tone of the work. They can “pitch”, or tell the main points of their story with the goal of convincing the executives into backing the project or they can also be commissioned by some executive or producer to create a screenplay based on some already pre-existing concept, true story, or an adaptation of a book. Until now, the avenues a screenwriter took in order to share his or her screenplays were much more limited compared to the large scale ability for dissemination the internet now affords screenwriting. With the arrival of the internet, the screenwriting industry has evolved in many different positive aspects including peer-review services such as The Black List,

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