The Shining Se-Scene Essay

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Mise-se-scene in the Shining In the movie the Shining there was a lot of mise-se-scene used in it to get the viewers pulling in and to get there blood pumping. The first scene that showed a lot of mise-se-scene was the scene that happened when Wendy was stumbling threw the hotel losing her sanity. This specific shot was in one of the rooms that she looked into. The shot was the one that had all of the skeletons in it. In the still there is so much mise-se-scene that can be seen and picked out. First, the angle is a normal angle, which may have been used to make the viewer feel as though they are the one who is looking in on this horrific or strange room. Second, there is a hazy effect given by the spider webs in far left corner of the screen where one skeleton sit. In addition there is fog effect stretches across the whole room. Furthermore this look in the picture shows the viewer that the room is old and has not been touched in a very long time. In addition, the effect of the fog could also lead the view to get the feeling of unclearness and feeling that something is going to grab them. Third, the blue tent that lays across the whole room give it a sad, loopy feeling. However, it also can be seen as…show more content…
This reason is because of the setting of the movie. The setting of the movie is in a huge hotel like how the theater, which makes the viewer feel like they are there. However, that is not the only place where that played a hug role also when the scene of the mazes happen it made the effect of the corner of the theater feel as though they were the hedge wall that were closing in. Also just the feeling of fear of other viewer can also play a huge role seeing in theaters better because the viewers can feed off of each others fear or emotions. Seeing in a theater can cause more tension and fear. This can give the viewers a better experience of the movie. The big screen is perfect for a movie like The
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