The Significance Of A Universalizing Religion Is They Believe

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The significance of a universalizing religion is they believe all people should be following and practicing their religion and attempt to operate on a global scale. One example of a this is the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in the 21st century. This shows how the religion of Islam is a universalizing religion because it is a once in a life-time trip to join fellow worshippers from all across the world. This shows how people are practicing and spreading the religion to all parts of the world and how they are able to meet each other on a deeper connection.
The significance of an ethnic religion is that because they are usually one group of people that are not interested in globalizing it, conflicts may arise when a universalizing religion …show more content…

Also, not having a religion is less likely to go well with voters and can be a negative to people that are religious.
The significance of a branch or sect in a religion is that the usually stem from a minor difference in the religion, but the general concept stays the same. One example is the two sects under the Christianity, Orthodox and Catholic. The history centuries ago plays a big part in how the division started back when the Christian West and Christian East divided in 1054. Small differences such as changes to the creed by the pope furthered their differences. Now, Catholic ideology to Orthodox is seen as excessively legalistic while Catholics see Orthodox as vague.
The importance of hierarchical religion is that it determines who has authority in the religion. Unlike autonomous religions, not everyone is one the same level of authority. One example of this is the Catholic and Orthodox churches with both have varies levels and multiple ranks. The Catholic church holds the Pope in the highest regard. The ranks underneath include different bishops, white priests, and deacons. All of these position hold a different job and authority in the Catholic Church.
The importance of an autonomous level is that everyone that follows the religion is seen as being on the same level. One example of an autonomous religion is Islam in which there is no hierarchical authority like the pope, priests and deacons. They view that

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