The Significance Of Hamlet : The Ghost Of King Hamlet

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1) In the beginning of the play, the ghost of King Hamlet is a silent, ominous specter. Decked in the regalia of war, the ghost’s significance within the scene is to both raise the possibility of a possible Norwegian attack following recent conquests of land, as well as hint towards bad things to come within Denmark. Along with this, the ghost’s silence leaves the audience in suspense for the purpose of its presence and what message the dead king may hold. 2) The late king had recently defeated and killed Fortinbras’s father in battle and, as a result, conquested Norwegian land. The Norwegian prince (also named Fortinbras) is now raising armies in order to retake this land from Denmark. 3) Horatio, upon his introduction, is portrayed as an intelligent man who possesses a great sense of tranquility, as evidenced by the fact that the guards summon him to their post in order to make sense of the ghost. He shows an obvious discomfort upon witnessing the specter, likening its presence to a great disorder in Rome upon Caesar's death. Such a connection shows a certain foresight within Horatio, as he senses that this ghost is a sign that something grim and terrible will occur soon and will cause great disruption within Denmark. Act I, Scene II. 4) Claudius is first introduced as an intelligent and capable ruler, delivering a speech to inspire both his court and countrymen on his brother’s death and impending conflict with Norway. He uses the recently departed king to both

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