The Significance Of The Ten Duel Commandments By Lin-Mel Miranda

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It's a simple catchy song which always makes a person who knows proper dueling etiquette cringe, especially with the songs before and after adding to the heavy sense of historical inaccuracy. While the intent of the “Ten Duel Commandments” is to give the modern audience some knowledge on how dueling is done, Lin-Mel Miranda has many things wrong within this attempt. He gives a modern viewer an incorrect assumption of the process of proper pistol dueling. The song gives a list of ten things in a specific order, a parody of the Ten Commandments, leading the listener to believe the challenge is first. This is sadly out order and very misleading. The second point is happily a bit more reliable information. You do have a second handle your negotiations, although he left out a few crucial elements. In the description of the duel itself, we have a couple of here and there discrepancies that finish making this song detrimental to the true understanding of historical duels of this era. The Ten Commandments of the Old Testament is well known to almost everyone in the modern American public given most of our founding was on Christian doctrine and traditions. This also ties into the amount of top ten lists that are so popular in American Culture, which has lead to the modern viewer's preconceived notion that something listed as “Number 1” is the first and most important thing in the list given. In the song, point number one is “The Challenge demands satisfaction. If they apologize

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