Essay The Signs and Symptoms of Autism

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Autism Are you a parent or someone who wants to know about Autism? Well this is the paper you should read. Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood. Autism is a spectrum disorder known as ASD. Autism was founded by Eugen Bleuler who was a Swiss psychiatrist. Autism comes from the Greek word Autos, which means self. In this paper you will find the signs and symptoms, affects of their childhood, is it different with every person, and diagnosis. Also in this passage you will find out treatment`s and how to treat your child.
Some signs and symptoms are hard to tell in your kid. Not all signs are the same in every child. When you smile at your baby and it doesn’t smile back that could possibly be a sign of Autism. …show more content…

Kids with Autism can’t have a good social life because they can’t keep a steady performance. When the kid talks he or she stumbles or mumbles on what they want to say. The kids with Autism can’t concentrate 0n one thing they could be talking, and start walking away from you. Kids with Autism have problems with concentrating with different things around them.
When you go to the doctors for the first time you should be asked some questions when you go. Some treatments can possibly get rid of autism but it would be very long. You can have treatments on behavior. So if your child is acting bad you can get a treatment for their behavior.. When you get behavioral treatments you can get a controlling behavior treatment and a learning behavior treatment. The controlling behavioral treatment can be just to calm the down or not talking back. The learning treatment can help with their manners, there school learning, and more. Getting your child in the treatments they are going to have to take a lot of medicine. They will have to take pills that calm them down. They may have to take vitamins and things like that. If they are allergic to anything they will have to take allergy pills. When you go to the doctors and you get these questions you can tell them information that you think they might have autism with their day to day life.
In conclusion there are many Autism signs and symptoms. The

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