Compare And Contrast The Silk Road And The Internet

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Silk Road and the Internet Inside every working anarchy there's an Old Boy Network. The internet is a great and popular invention that has changed, developed and improved today’s society. Yo-Yo Ma, once described the famous historical Silk Road as the ‘Internet of Antiquity’ meaning, the ancient internet, how and why would Yo-Yo Ma come to such a theory, the Silk Road and the internet may not have existed during the same period of time but there are similarities and difference to prove Yo-Yo Ma’s theory. Firstly, the Silk Road was a great way of connecting people and culture. During the Silk Road period people (traders) met at oases, bazaars, caravanserai, and courts where the art of sharing and exchanging occurred as people traded the …show more content…

The internet is similar to the Silk Road in this sense as people share ideas and information about various scientific topics in the world. However, connecting of ideas and information of the Silk Road and Internet are a tad distinct, as for the Silk Road ideas and information were spread by word and the object itself and as for the internet its spread online. It also took a long period of time for ideas and information to be spread along the Silk Road but on the

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