The Similarities And Differences Of Perseus And Odysseus

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When I think of the word hero, one of the first things that comes to my mind are the Greeks back in ancient times. There are different stories and theories of different men and women who all had wild adventures and journeys, but theres one thing they all have in common, they were all heroes in one way or another. What exactly is a hero though? Someone who always saves the day? Maybe someone who defeats the big monsters that attack cities? Or just someone who’s strong and just looks like a hero. For instance, Perseus and Odysseus. Both strong, looked up to type of men who are considered to be heros. But which one is actually the better hero? In my opinion, Odysseus is the real hero between the two, and here’s why.

He was a leader for his men as they tried to get back home after the Trojan war, and kept their spirits up. The people of Ithaca looked up to him and respected him after he got back from the war years later from when he left. Although he got caught up at (goddess’s name here) kingdom because he slept with her to turn his men back into men, he continued his journey back home as soon as he got out of her spell. He spent days and nights searching for a way to get home back to his family and the people of Ithaca. Odysseus was faced with many trials but he never gave up on his task and that is why he fits the definition of a hero better than Perseus.

Odysseus showed great courage by taking a stand and leading the Greeks to fight against Troy in the Trojan War by

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