The Similarities Between Cancer And Zodiac Signs

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The constellation that I have chosen as my favorite is the constellation of Cancer, the crab. I chose this constellation because my zodiac sign is cancer (which is, of course, a muggle tradition- your sign is based off your birthday). Many, if not all, of the zodiac signs came from constellations, including cancer, so I chose the cancer constellation because of its specific meaning to me. The constellation is simple, constructed of only five stars, which are connected at the middle. The myth behind the constellation is a Greek one, involving the famous Greek hero Heracles. The god Zeus had an affair with a Greek Queen, producing Heracles, and this made Zeus's wife, Hera, understandably angry. She swore to kill Heracles as punishment for Zeus's betrayal. …show more content…

One day while Heracles was fighting a Hydra (which is a water-serpent), Hera sent Cancer the crab to aid the Hydra. Heracles defeated the Hydra by smashing its shell with his foot. In reward for his service, Hera laid Cancer the crab among the stars, thus creating the constellation Cancer. There once was a prince named Andreas, who was hopelessly in love with a girl named Cancer. Cancer was the princess of a neighboring kingdom, and he had loved her from afar since they were children. Andreas had always known that he could never have her, though, for she had been betrothed to his older brother since birth. As much as Andreas loved Cancer, he was faithful to his brother, and never once tried to steal Cancer away from him. But as time went on, and the wedding came closer

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