The Similarities between Angelina Jolie and Beowulf Essay

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Throughout time, heroes have stereotypically been described as men who possess qualities such as courage, strength, leadership, and determination. Certainly, many of these characteristics have changed as time has passed. In modern society, heroes can simply be average people who sacrifice their own happiness for the welfare of others and do their best to create a change in the world. Beowulf, an extraordinary warrior in the Anglo Saxon period, is an epic hero because of his pride, strength and courage. He fought many battles in order to protect the Danes from chaos. Angelina Jolie, like Beowulf, is a hero because she defeats every impediment to help and fight against inequality. Heroes do not wait still in one place. …show more content…

He did not give up while fighting with the brawny monster Grendel, even though Grendel "clutched at [him] with his claws" (Beowulf 428). According to Milena Veselinovico, the author of "leading women," Angelina Jolie has risked her life to protect refugees in many countries in Africa. She went to Sudan during a tremendous conflict and Chad during the civil war. She could have been assassinated, but her thirst of justice could not be sate easily; she kept helping no matter the circumstances. In able to be a hero, one must be internally strong to triumph obstacles life brings and never back down when conflicts arrive.

Heroes often combat injustice to win equality and peace. Beowulf saves the Danes by fighting the monster Grendel, but Angelina Jolie saves refugees by fighting the figurative monster of inequality. In the mead hall, the place the Anglo Saxon warriors celebrated their battles, everyone was terrified to fight Grendel because he was powerful and seemingly undefeatable. Beowulf fought the abominable beast and obtained the glory of tranquility for the Danes because he wanted to "live in greatness and courage" (368-369). Angelina Jolie keeps fighting with the invincible monster of inequality that is happening in some parts of Africa and gives part of her fortune to refugees who suffer from hunger and persecution. A hero does not need to fight a monster, sometimes the injustice is the monster itself.

As time has passed,

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