The Sixth Extinction Elizabeth Korbert Summary

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Elizabeth Kolbert, a journalist, took her curiosity of science and traveled all around the world to see just how the lives of different varieties of species deal with predators, habitat changes, climate changes, etc. Just some of the places Kolbert visited were the United States, Panama, France, the island of Ischia, One Tree Island, and many, many more. Extinction, the disappearance of a particular species, is a crucial topic in this particular book. Many species over the whole entire world, are quickly declining in numbers. Humans have a vital responsibility for some of these species going extinct, and we need to advertise what we are doing to animals world wide so we aren’t a source of the majority of extinctions. The Sixth Extinction focuses on the aspects of endangered and extinct species all around the world. Kolbert in this book is trying to get the audience to realize…show more content…
I think Kolbet earned the qualification of writing this book because you could tell she was extremely intrigued with every destination she went to and also with every species, she is a true science lover and you could tell throughout the whole book. Some weaknesses though, to this book, I would have to say is that it was sometimes hard to keep up with all the places she visited and also it was very hard to keep track of which scientist, or whomever the person she was working with, was. The strengths of this book is that it kept the reader enticed throughout the whole book. Whenever I set the book down, I was always ready to open it again and continue on to here about Kolbert’s new adventure. Also, this book was very informational, I learned a lot about different species, time periods, and habitats all across the
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