The Skin Of African Americans

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Beneath the Surface
Have you ever wanted to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day and see what life is like for people on the other side of the planet? Would you be more thankful for the life you have and the skin you live in? The environment, food, and habits are different for everyone depending on where they live in the world. Americans have the ability to see the flexibility in these components, but other countries can not afford to change these factors to benefit their skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body, the Sudanese and American families must be able to promote a healthy lifestyle to maintain and enhance their skin.
African Americans have learned to adapt to the different environments all around the world and how the affects of their lifestyles change their bodies. African American skin adapts to climate differently than those of white decent. For instance, African Americans have naturally oily skin, when they move to weather with harsher temperature factors like the sun and weather patterns can cause them to have skin problems. Cold weather causes their skin to crack and discolor because they are meant to have oily skin and are able to adapt to warmer climates better than others (Aretha C Smith) (William Robertson Boggs). The environment and healthy foods both contribute to healthy skin. It is significantly easier for the Aboubakar family (Sudanese family) to adapt to the climate in their region of the world because the weather is normally hot. This

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