The Sky Is The Limit

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The sky is the limit. Even though this cheesy phase is somewhat of a cliché, in his paper, “Faustian Economics,” Wendell Berry hashes out the importance and meaning of limits in today’s society. In Berry’s eyes, too much advancement could lead to divergence. To his credit, limits permit us to value what we get out of our society, but in contrast, limitlessness allows society to move forward by letting it grow above and beyond expectations. This can only be done through risk taking. I do agree with Berry about limitlessness to some extent, but I also think that there are a few holes in his argument. One point that I do agree with Berry on is his outlook on current social and economical life, which I find to be fairly accurate. He is right on the money when he explains the idea of limitlessness concerning the exploitation of our world’s resources. I agree with the fact that many resources that we have are underappreciated and over used. Berry describes our current economic state as, “a commonly accepted basis of our economy is the supposed possibility of limitless growth, limitless wants, limitless wealth, limitless natural resources, limitless energy, and limitless debt.” As a society as a whole, we continue to spend and use and spend and use without any regard of how it might cause scarcity in the long run only because we have a variety of resources and wealth at our fingertips. This is a fact that Berry says can simply not be ignored. Instead of focusing on the here and
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