The Small Indian Mongoose In Hawaiian Island

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Huge waves crash against the sandy shores, their roar can be heard throughout the island. Tourists and locals alike lay in the blazing sand, soaking up as much of the sun’s beautiful rays as they can. The florescent birds sing and chirp to make their presence known to all the life around them. A creature that resembles a squirrel scampers around searching for the perfect nest to rob. Many tourists find this fast little creature to be amusing, but the locals know better. This little thief is known as the Small Indian Mongoose and it plagues many of the islands in the Hawaiian Island chain. The Small Indian Mongoose was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands as a way to rid of the rats that were consuming the sugar cane crops. The people who introduced this pest did not seem to notice that while the rats came out at night the mongoose came out during the day. This quickly became a problem. …show more content…

They have been feeding on the sea turtle and bird eggs on islands in the Hawaiian Island chain for over a century. Their feedings have greatly contributed to many birds being put on the endangered species list. The endangered species are not the only ones being effected. A bacterial disease, leptospirosis, can be found in mongoose feces. When the feces make their way into waterways it can greatly increase the risk of infection. Leptospirosis can either show right away with flu-like symptoms or remain dormant for years. Long term effects of this bacterial disease is kidney damage, liver failure, and, in extreme conditions, death. Small Indian Mongoose are a danger to both animals and humans. Currently the only method to get rid of these vermin is to trap

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