The Social Aspect Of A Self Image

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Introduction Oxford Dictionaries awarded the term ‘Selfie’ as word of the year in 2013 and define this phenomenon as "a photograph that has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or web cam and uploaded to a social media” arguing the selfie to be the modern approach to self-portraiture with “More then 1 Million Selfie’s taken each day”. The global popularity of this ritual of social networking has even had a song dedicated to this trend, symbolising of an era of youth culture. The ‘bandwagon’ mentality fashioned from this phenomenon of a popular trend, in effect attracts greater popularity as a result of people doing something, not based on its merit, but based on what others do. The concept of a self-image is not a new idea as the involvement of self-portraits pre-dates the Internet and evolving technology. “Even the photo booth dates back as far as 1880, and attracted groups of friends much as it does today”. So it would be easy to argue that there was already a social aspect to controlling your pictures and a slowly developing technological advances would allow. Until the 1970s, instant Polaroid cameras could be held at arm 's length and encouraged people to take more intimate photos as well as instant developing pictures. History/ Culture Lots of people claim to be the originator of the Selfie. Since 1981 Hollywood cameraman, Lester Wisbrod claims he is first person to take celebrity selfies. However Australia also lays claims to inventing the
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