What Helped Move Photojournalism Throughout The Twentieth Century?

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Canon Essay In this essay I will be talking about what helped move photojournalism along in the twentieth century. I will then go on to explain what a photo-essay is and what strategies were used when it came to photojournalism. Lastly, I will mention about the Picture Post magazine. Speaking about the work they did, the photographers and journalists that worked for Picture Post, the early days of the Picture Post etc. Photojournalism depended on the camera technology. The invention of the first 35mm camera, which was called the Leica. Before the Leica camera to take a professional photograph you had to use bulky equipment. As Mary Panzer, 2005 states “Photojournalism also relied on the development of a kind of camera that was small, fast and easy to load.” The Leica camera was sharp due to its 50mm lens. The camera held 36 images on a roll of film (of a 35mm movie camera film). This meant that photographers could work without attracting attention on themselves. They could also now manipulate their viewpoint with complete freedom. After the Leica camera there was the Ermanox, which was introduced in 1924, which was just as important as the Leica camera. The Ermanox camera was bigger than the Leica but it used glass plates and due to the heaviness of the camera a tripod would have been used with the camera. The Ermanox lenses were fast and large. This meant that the need for flash power was no more and allowed photojournalists to work where they pleased. Whether that was
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