The Social Aspects of Prejudice

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The Social Aspects of Prejudice Since the beginning of time humans unknowingly, have placed themselves in social classes. These social classes account for the many stereotypical type who have been plagued in different groups. It is something many cannot help, but we all have our own thoughts and perceptions. Whether they are rich or poor, a man or a woman holding the many different beliefs of religion, they still are prone to prejudice. Prejudice is a favorable option or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought or reason. Social psychological theories known as Culture Theory and Group Closure, have best accounted for one my prejudice and the factors that helped me to realize and to overcome this prejudice. For instance one day I was on Craigslist applying for jobs because soon I would be graduating soon and I wanted to have a job already in my field of study. While applying, I received an email from AMAC, a school for special needs children. In the email, I was notified to come in on a specific date and time with a copy of my resume. I replied and proceeded to go into the interview a few days prior to the email. At the interview, I was given a description of the job and the policies of the company. The description was vague and basically said I would be a group counselor working with Autistic children. The position was summer-based, so we would be spending most of our time at a Getaway Camp. At

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