The Social Construction Of Contemporary Youth Cultures

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Topic: Globalisation is an important factor in the social construction of contemporary youth cultures (i.e. information technology, communication, fashion).
As we know, globalization is considered to be the process of ideas, goods and communication flowing cross-border with unprecedented speed, range and volume. It is regarded as the presence of the same lifestyles, products, consumption patterns, and cultural experiences across the globe, across many economically AF fluent or economically poor countries of the world. (Firat A F, 1997) This globalization and reproduction from markets and their productions all over the world, and the increasing "sameness" one seems to encounter in almost all major cities of the world. They also result in
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42), which is mostly working through digital media, especially the Internet. (Gidley J, 2001) Furthermore, globalization is not a process whereby one form or style dominates over eliminates all others. Rather, it is the diffusion of seemingly competing forms and styles around the world. (Firat A F, 1997) The currently occurring, mass ‘Englishification’ of the world is primarily a domination of world languages by textually precise academic and/or business English. While there are some indications that English will in fact be superseded in these roles in the next century (e.g., by Mandarin Chinese). (Gidley J, 2004)
Information technology facilitates the global communication, which makes the exposure to many different and exciting possibilities incites their interest in the different cultures, making many cultures viable consumption alternatives. (Firat A F, 1997) This kind of information technology, as the core of contemporary society construction, is giving our lives and culture a great impact. It can be sure that information technology is able to improve the communication among a variety of cultures. However the use of it might affect the creativity of people with different cultures or values. The fable of "global village" has now become the undisputed social reality. The rapid development of digital media and communication technologies make people across the
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