The Social Determinants Of Health

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A group of fellow students and my self conducted a public health walk in the area of hackney borough. Our aim was to observe the community and how their surroundings affected their health. On 4th November 2014, we met at 10am and started our walk at St. Johns church. Prior to this day we met up to plan on our walk and how we will conduct it. While on our walk we observed how diverse and cultural the area was, we observed the people socialising in the street, the services available for these people, we also the observed the amount green space there was in the community, we observed the transport that was available to them, we also observed the amount of fast food that was in the area. While making these notes we took into account how these might affect the social determinants of health in the community. Social determinants of health is the risk factors that effect an individuals health, the World Health Organisation (WHO) define these factors as the Social gradients, Stress, Early life, Social exclusion, Work and Unemployment, Social support networks, Addiction, Availability of healthy food, Availability of healthy transportation and active travel in a community. Throughout this assignment I will look at the availability of healthy food and the individuals lifestyle and how they contribute to the social of determinants of health in the community. During the start of our walk I notice the amount of advertisement there was for fast food places, these being the posters on the

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