The Social Media Consumers Health Essay

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The Social Media Consumers Health
The social media industry’s fast development over the last decade has been changing prescription drugs advertising because most pharmaceutical companies are aware that many American consumers are regularly using social media platforms. For example, according to Kees et al. “Barely or Fairly Balancing Drug Risks? Content and Format Effects in Direct-To-Consumer Online Prescription Drug Promotions” 37% of Americans searched the internet for information on prescription drugs on 2006 (687). Later, according to Liang et al. "Prevalence and Global Health Implications of Social Media in Direct-To-Consumer Drug Advertising", 51% of adults searched for health information on the internet from January to June 2009 (207-16). As a result, most pharmaceutical companies are significantly increasing their prescription drugs advertising on social media platforms because it is highly likely that this practice will increase their earnings. This form of advertising is known as direct-to-consumer advertising. Direct-to-consumer advertising is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (Kees et al. 676). Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States should constantly update the direct-to-consumer advertising regulations for pharmaceutical companies use and enforce the implementation of these regulations in order to prevent negative effects on American consumer’s health. For that reason, direct-to-consumer advertising on

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