The Social Perspectives Functionalism And Marxism Essay

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In this essay, will be explaining and comparing the social perspectives Functionalism and Marxism. Functionalism is a theory that aspect stresses the crucial stability and participation within modern society. The social events are clarified by reference to the functions that achieves in allowing constancy within society. Functionalism state that education helps the needs of industrial society by an advanced labour, education helps the needs of the social system by teaching pupils communal values, norms and beliefs. This leads to great social solidarity. The education means those who have the skill that can move up the social classes, such as meritocracy. Parson believes that education is part of a meritocracy and education is a subordinate agent of socialisation between the family and society. Parson also believes that education impress the beliefs of competition, equality and individualism. Furthermore, in a meritocracy every person is given equality of opportunity. The achievements and rewards also are based on power and ability. The education explains social dissimilarity; those in the best roles are there because they prove to be due to their hard work and ability. In addition, Parson supported by Duncan with in these views and Duncan believe that a modern economy depends for its prosperity on using the human capital and its workers and skills. The meritocratic education system does this best. On the other hand, Marxism is a theory of economic, social, and political

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