The Social Problem Of Human Trafficking

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Victimizing approximately two million people worldwide, sex and labor trafficking has become the world’s largest leading illegal enterprise. Approximately 293,000 children become the victims of a cruel sex and labor servitude (States Fight Sex Trafficking of Kids, 2014). What was once non-criminalized, has now become the largest illegal activity, engrossing millions of people, harming individuals, and leaving devastating consequences in its path every day, but with determination there are possible solutions to help alleviate this social problem. Human trafficking includes more than sex and labor abuse, victims are also used as slaves, used to pay off the abductor’s debt, and often for their organs. People are being abducted from the streets and threatened. Many immigrants are led to believe they are getting a better life, but are truly becoming victims to human trafficking through coercion. Victims are usually children, women, and those living in poverty. Seventy-nine percent of all cases are women that are used for sexual exploitation (Majeed & Malik, 2017). Although, children, women, those stricken by poverty, and immigrants tend to be easier targets for these criminals, no one is excluded from the possibility of becoming a victim of human trafficking. Families are living in fear. It is important that the severity of this social problem becomes a high priority to everyone for awareness and solutions. Children are being abducted and harmed, some never return home.

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