The Social Problem Of Police Brutality

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The contemporary social problem I would like to conduct sociological research on is the use of excessive force used by members of the police department in recent unconscionable shootings of unarmed civilians. With all the recent attention that the people of Ferguson Missouri and New York City have been able to rise on this issue, making it a media sensation, it seemed like a good topic to discuss. Police brutality is an egregious, ongoing problem in our society that, until just recently, has been accepted as a sad fact of life by the people it affects and is largely ignored by the rest of society, including politicians and the mass media. Police brutality affects the people that society has come to stigmatize such as minorities, the mentally ill and impoverished people, more so than the well off or middle to upper class white people.

b. Literature Review
Some cities often start new, or “rookie”, police officers in the areas with the largest concentration of reported crimes of their city. “Rookie” officers lack the experience of personal interaction with the public because, oftentimes, their training has been limited to a classroom setting. An example of a rookie officer committing police brutality is in the case of Akai Gurly. On November 20th of this year, new police officer Peter Liang shot and killed an unarmed man named Akai Gurly in front of his girlfriend while in a dark stairwell in east New York. Locals, due to the violence that happens in the surrounding the

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