The Social Theory Of Crime Essay

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There are many various types of theories that try explaining why crime continues to occur in everyday society. Although, only one theory in particular throughout my research stood out. This theory is the purpose of this research paper and that theory is the Social Process Theory, also known as the Social learning theory. This theory believes that criminality is a function of a person’s interactions with many organizations, intuitions, and processes in society. Theory The definition of the Social Process Theory is the ongoing structured interaction that occurs between people in a society, including socialization and social behavior in general. The Social Process Theory has been around since the 1900’s and has been broken down into three main branches of theories. The first branch is the social learning process theory, the second branch is the social control theory and the last branch is the labeling theory. This theory states that people are highly influenced by individuals such as family, friends and coworkers who are around them on a daily basis. If a person has a positive relationship with individuals who are in their lives on a daily basis then they would have a positive outlook on society. On the other hand, if a person has a negative relationship with individuals on a daily bases then they are most likely going to have a negative outlook on society. Major theorist who was involved in the Social Process Theory, were Bandura, Sutherland, Lemert and Hirschi. These
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