The Social Workers Ethical Accountability

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There is an increasing necessity for social workers to increase their understanding of the skills and knowledge required to undertake the client’s challenges that are referred to them (Munro, 2004, p. 1076). It can be argued that evidence-based practice is the social workers ethical accountability. This is beneficial for the clients as individuals, and groups that social workers interact with (Plath, 2006, p. 59). Clients are involved as knowledgeable contributors in decision-making. Any ambiguity in the decision-making progressions is recognised (Nothdurfer & Lorenz, 2010, p.50).

Knowledge is a significant aspect to the core structure that holds the practice framework together (Chenoweth & McCaullife, 2015, p.284). The knowledge I have …show more content…

Although in some insistences using theoretical knowledge in practice can be challenging. It has been discovered practice frameworks, including theory are often reconsiderations as workplaces can throughout their organizations inhibit the workers confidence to utilize such knowledge and evidence (Payne, 2004, p.69).

I understand that I have gained a good knowledge based from my university degree, but once I graduate from my degree my learning will not end. To maintain my evidence-based framework I will have the opportunity to build on my knowledge through specific training, attending seminars and being involved in reflective practice. All social work methods can be utilized to improve and expand the skills and knowledge I will use with future clients (Chenoweth & McCaullife, 2015, p. 290).


The development of evidence-based practice has assisted the social work profession in many ways. Including facilitating the worker to comprehend their reasoning behind why they do what they do and why. Additionally evidence based practice contributes the social work a framework to critically reflect on their practice and ultimately prevent “avoidable” mistakes (Healy, 2005, p.99).

There have been more recent evaluations for social work efficiency studies that express positive outcomes. In regards of the client outcomes and cost of practice the

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