The, Socio Economics And Critical Legal Theories Essay

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The author will investigate and analyse the topic under consideration by using observations from earth sciences, socio-legal studies, socio-economics and critical legal theories. And blend textual, and intentionalist approach to discuss the possibility of criminalizing extensive environmental degradation.
The central idea here is to use scientific evidences and frameworks, such as planetary boundaries and others, to first establish, reasonably if not conclusively, that changes in the natural systems are directly imputable to man-made activities. That environmental degradation, without being alarmist, has reached such a proportion that it’s no longer feasible to brush the issue under the carpet. That a robust scientific proof validates the institution of the robust international legal framework, and affords much needed scientific benchmark for an action.
Insights from legal theories are particularly useful since they provide a legal basis, alias foundation, for constructing a stringent and holistic mechanism. It is a well-accepted reality that the role of science in law-making is pivotal in order to formulate a responsive and reflective legal provision. Building upon scientific evidences, hence, these legal arguments further gather force and liveliness .In this context, using the templates and thoughts from green criminology, public-international law’, wild-life law, jurisprudence, Human Rights, International environmental law, (treaties, national law and Customary law)as
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