The Sociological Approach to Digital Natives in Gasser and Palfrey's Born Digital

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In Urs Gassers and Jon Palfreys, Born Digital, both authors take a sociological approach on analyzing and interpreting the new phenomenon known as the emergence of Digital Natives, or the part of society born after 1980. The main thesis for Born Digital that Urs Gassers and Jon Palfrey were trying to transcend, was how individuals who are Born Digital are transforming the world we live in. Digital Natives are transforming our world because of their interactions and intuit with technology and the web. Those born after 1980 have grown up in a networked world and are different, in sometimes enigmatic ways, from those born before them. In Palfrey and Gasser's view, the digital natives promise to make astonishing contributions to society, …show more content…

Digital natives are going to be young people, multitaskers, and quick learners that have technological skills. Digital Natives are making this new generation very different from the prior generations. These changes are forcing sociologist, parents, students, teachers, and lawmakers to change the way they do things. In Born Digital, Jon Palfrey and Urs Gasser describe how in an emerging digital world, it is easy to create online identities. With these online identities, we control different stages with a front stage or back stage. Online, digital natives are leaving digital cues or claims of self that sometimes couldn’t be farther from reality. Since the emergence of social media there is a blur between what is private or what is public. What we may feel is a private space could be viewed under a large and unknown amount of people. The Digital Natives are finding themselves not doing a good job managing their web information about them or their “digital dossier”, that is, the sum total of personally identifiable information, much of which can turn up in browsers searches. The line between reality and online presence is becoming so thin that digital natives are by no means a generation but we see that they are in fact a population. Born Digital is a good read but it sometimes felt as if the book was constructed for a parent or someone who has to come into contact with digital natives. The book is

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