Essay about The Sociology of the Industrialization Process

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Reaction Paper This chapter analyzes the social policy keeping under consideration the theories of sociology. The Sociological theories helps to understand the structure and dynamics of the industrialization process, and to resolve its concomitant social problems, like high levels of crime. It is concerned largely with urban societies, and seeks to understand how individuals fit into mass society, how inequalities based on race, gender and class arise and are perpetuated, how bureaucracies work. The process generated due to the critical analysis about society, which challenges what, is normally taken for granted; in order to lead to new insights Sociologists studied human interaction and organization. This helps policy makers to understand …show more content…

The affirmative action refers to the positive efforts to employ group member and woman for job promotion and education opportunities. But many people think that affirmative action program poses reverse effect and developed decimation against whites and blacks males and females. This was reason a number of cases were debated on affirmative action in 1970s; similarly the Bakke’s case was one of them. In this case the Supreme Court ordered the medical university of California at Davis to admit the Alan Bakke, (a white engineer who were first denied for the admission). The Bakke case was fought on the inequality and in justification of imposing quota system, as he was in minority group. The court’s justice affirmed that behaviour and added that it is constitutional for universities to adopt flexible admission program that use race as one factor in decision-making. This decision was comparatively same in the 13th, 14th, 15th amendments Plessy v Ferguson decision and the implications of Brown v. Board of Education; who were highly stratified group; education is problematic; on the average earn much less than whites; good progress in political arena Supreme Court decision in the case of the Regents of the University of California v. Bakke. African-American is currently the largest racial/ethnic group. The documents relate to the 14th Amendment. The chapters give a clearer representation of the unique experiences of Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans as well

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