The Soft Negotiation Game Is Not A Real Choice For The Parents

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There was not a real choice for the parents unless they researched on their own and use a different method of negotiation. However, the parents kept the negotiation method as explained by Fisher and Ury (2011), “the soft negotiation game emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining a relationship” (p. 9). They knew that if they were unsuccessful while defending their claims, the district could not pay Jerry’s education. However, they did not know all the rights that they had available to fight the decision. Instead of using a differentiated approaches, accommodations, and modifications in the regular classroom setting, the members of the IEP who represented the school’s administrators decided to remove Jerry to a more restrictive environment, outside of the district. Why the district does not provide the related services that Jerry needed as ordered by IDEA? The decision was questioned by the parents who used a passive method of negotiation and were overpowered by the authority of the school’s officials. They define Jerry’s success as one entire semester in the alternative placement, while he must have keep his relationships with other students without incidents, and he must be able to follow instructions. Then, they conditioned his return to the district’s school based on the achievement of those skills instead of founding the goals in academic standards. However, the school officials did not take into consideration that Jerry had a real
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