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The song released by R&B singer, Robin Thicke alongside of Pharrell Williams and T.I., called “Blurred Lines” was one of the top singles of 2013. While it became very popular and received a lot of praise, it was also criticized for its rough sexual implications throughout the song. The song describes Thicke telling a young woman that while she refuses to admit it, she really wants to have sexual relations with him. This creates the concept of blurred lines because Thicke believes the woman secretly wants to say yes versus her actually saying no. In the main unrated version of the music video, three mostly naked female models dance around fully clothed Thicke, Williams and T.I. while occasionally bringing out random props. The models …show more content…

Another scene in the music video that demonstrates the blurred lines of consent and reinforces rape culture is when one of the models is laying on her stomach and a very small stop sign is displayed on her bottom (3:47). This symbolizes that her ability to say stop to Thicke’s implications and his desires is so small that it’s almost insignificant. This pushes the rape myth that women should accept rape as flattering and allow men to have sex with them (Hamlin, 2005) because she really wants it. These instances allow for the acceptance of rape culture and directly promotes sexism that subordinates women to men.
While the video enforces a rape culture, it simultaneously sexually objectifies women. This sexual objectification that occurs is when the women’s sexual body parts are separated and paid close attention to in relation to the rest of their body (Gervais, Vescio, Förster, Maass & Suitner, 2012). In the video, Thicke continues to sing while the women, fully naked apart from a small nude thong, stand around looking into the camera with a clueless expression. While they dance around Thicke and play around with the meaningless props that do not have anything to do with the video or the music, they essentially become body props for the pleasure of Thicke and the other men in the video. In one scene, Thicke’s has a close up shot of his face while he uses the woman’s feet as a tool of a microphone

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