The Songlines, Ovid 's Metamorphoses, And The Book Of Genesis

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Creation stories are used to tell the tale of how the world came to be. They vary culture to culture and help people connect with and understand new perspectives. In the works The Songlines, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and the Book of Genesis, three very different stories of creation are depicted and are each significantly impactful in cultures and societies. In The Songlines, written by Bruce Chatwin, the beginning of the world is explained from the perspective of the Australian Aboriginals. The first day began with the Sun feeling the urge to be born. It, “burst through the surface, flooding the land with golden light, warming the hollows under which each Ancestors lay sleeping,” leading to the awakening of the Ancestors and the birth of…show more content…
All Aboriginal people believe that through walking and singing the land, they will one day find their tjurunga and their ancestor their dreaming matches up with. Even though many people disagreed with the way the Aboriginals lived, they have stood true to their beliefs since the beginning of time. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the world came to be in a much different way than in The Songlines. A “Great Creator” separated the Earth and the sky, the sea from the land, and the heavens from the the air.3 In this work, not only did Ovid describe the creation of the world, he also wrote about how the “things” of the world came to be. The Metamorphoses are filled with stories about the gods getting angry with the humans and punishing them for their actions. The first one written is about Lycaon and the god Jupiter. Lycaon questions Jupiter’s legitimacy and then tries to trick him. Outraged, Jupiter turns Lycaon into a wolf and floods the earth, only sparing one man, Deucalion, and one woman, Pyrrha, because of their devotedness to the gods. This is not the only example of this and is seen again with Arachne and the goddess Minerva. Minerva, a cunning and confident goddess, approached Arachne and challenged her to competition: weaving. After the competition came to an end, Minerva turned her rival Arachne into a spider out of rage for being defeated. 4 Stories like these can be found throughout the entirety of the Metamorphoses. The whole

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