The Sorrow Of War And The Deer Hunter

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The Sorrow of War and The Deer Hunter are a novel and a movie about the Vietnam War. The novel is written by a North Vietnamese soldier named Bao Ninh while the movie takes on the American perspective of the war. Below, there will be an analysis of the differences and similarities between the novel and the movie. For organizational purposes, the novel and then the movie will be summarized. Then, based on the summary, the similarities and differences between the novel and the movie will be pinpointed.
Let us begin with a summary of The Sorrow of War. The Sorrow of War, as mentioned above, the novel is written by a North Vietnamese soldier named Bao Ninh. For the novel’s purposes, his name is referred to as Kien. Below, let it be known that …show more content…

The author attempted, perhaps successfully, to convey the guilt that survivals of such tragic events like a war face. He is the prime example himself. The author seems to jump from one topic to another without a conclusion to the previous topic. He then goes back to the previous topic. This makes it a bit challenging to keep track of the story.
He began the novel from the past. He talked about the war. As one may expect, he does not have a positive thing to say about the war. He kept mentioning the losses of lives and other tragedies. Immediately after that, the author will, at least for a moment lighten up the mood and express his love for Phuong, who was his best friend and love interest. Of course, he is retelling the good times they had together. The novel appears to be written after the conclusion of the Vietnam war. This can be said because, the author talks about the end of the war. The scenes in the novel are from Vietnam. Post-war Vietnam was a struggle for the author as it looks like a struggle for anyone who has served in a combat anywhere and came back to a civilian life. For the author, the post-war Vietnam, is a beginning of a new life, although he was born and lived his entire life there. He has lost Phuong. They broke up because her occupation does not allow her for a committed relationship. He may have caught Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This may have led to his excessive drinking.

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