The Space Of Space Exploration

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Keep Spreading Human Footprints into the Space
The space is always full of mysteries embellished with humans’ fantasy. Developing from the ancient theory of “round sky and square earth” to the Big Bang theory and even sending astronauts to other planets, humans use their intelligence to satisfy their curiosity towards the universe. The new discoveries and achievements along with the space programs show the competence of humans and prove the necessity to keep exploring the universe with human. Although plenty of opponents claim that it is worthless to send humans into the space, they have overlooked the significance of manned space exploration in a broad perspective. Working more efficiently to advance the progress in science, enhancing …show more content…

With the help of human’s flexible decision-making ability and the testimony of astronauts living on another planet safely, the scientists are more able to continue the studies which focused on future life in space. Humans can make the most of the expensive space journey.
Sending humans to the space can improve the national image all over the world and increase the countries’ national security. Manned space exploration is highly risky and only countries with innovative technologies can finish it. China realized the dream of space walk and landing machines on the moon after the first manned space exploration (The Associated Press, 2016, p.100). China started with little experience, compared with NASA, towards the space exploration. This crewed mission shows China’s rapid development in both economy and technology with full scope. Moreover, manned space exploration helps to protect the country by building up potential self-defense. Though China claimed the space program is served for good, the U.S. Defense Department argued that with the program getting stronger, China is aiming to protect itself from space-related wars later (Cadell & Blanchard, 2016, p.111). With Russia and America, two superpowers, leading the way for manned program, China has to develop this kind of technology to equip itself with the ability to compete with the two countries. Possessing such a technology helps to steady the country’s strength.
Last but not least, sending humans to do space

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