The Sport Of Fishing

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When it comes to the sport of fishing, many people hold the venture in high regard. Fishing is something that many people around the world enjoy, and is even used as bonding time between friends and family. However, like many great activities there are various particular facets that fishing is composed of. Topics such as the history, general information, and fishing techniques will be discussed. If fishing is something that interests you, there are essentials that you want to know.

History of Fishing

The history of fishing goes back centuries before our current time. Also known as angling, it is a sport that revolves around catching fish in various water environments such as freshwater or saltwater. A fishing rod, hook, and line is used along with bait to lure fish for either fun or sport. There have been records that show fishing goes around 2000 BC in Egypt, and there has been further evidence that show Chinese usage of fishing lines around the 4th century BC. There are continued records that show ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Jews, Assyrians, and Romans used such an endeavor. However, the earlier records show that their fishing rods and lines were more archaic in design. For example, the Chinese used a bamboo rod, a silk line, and a hook that was crafted from a needle. The bait they used was cooked rice to lure different kinds of fish. The difficulties of fishing still remain, but to a lesser extent. Some of these precarious problems include location,

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