The Standards Of Aesthetic Judgment Essay

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My standards of aesthetic judgment have dramatically shifted from undergrad to present; and I am quite sure they may shift again as I grow older. I begin here due to the fact that in undergrad; I was fixated on presentation and visuals of a piece of art rather than the content/concept. I wanted all work to be technically sound, meaning; craftsmanship was my driving force in the beginning and I would dismiss any work that wasn’t. As I have grown, in years, wisdom and hopefully as an artist as well; I hope to have a bit more understanding when it comes to the variety, talent and passion for art and the artist. This allows me to be more understanding and opens up a better path to reflect on:
1.Where does the art come from?
2. Why is the art made?
3. Is it successful? Where does the art come from is a huge question that I ask myself when evaluating a piece of art. I have been fortunate to judge Vase (a visual art competition that ranges elementary to high school level) and with each piece I must take it in as a new individual piece of art. On the same note, I have been fortunate enough to help with UIL OAP contest and rated productions with other critics on the criteria we/I thought to be of value. So the where does it come, pertains to the level of experience and knowledge of that medium: novice, intermediate, advanced, professional. Why is the art made, I believe is the hardest for all to understand when evaluating a piece of art.

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