The Stanford Prison Experiment Addressed The Psychology Of Behavior Essay

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General topic that the article is addressing The Stanford Prison Experiment addressed the psychology of behavior. The experiment specifically addressed the influences of behavior in regards to imprisonment. I recently saw a documentary about the Stanford Prison Experiment and I was shocked that subjects were subjected to such cruelty. The subjects were young intelligent students who likely had never encountered such abuse. Sadly, in the 1970s experiment rules and regulations were severely lacking. Students who volunteered for the two-week experiment were assigned roles of being a prisoner or guard. The determination of who was chosen as a guard or a prisoner was solely dictated by a simple coin flip. The students who were selected at random to be guards were instructed to instill a sense of sadness, lack of freedom, and fear in the prisoners. Guards were allowed to use physical force, but they were not allowed to use torture. “The point to be emphasized is the manner in which a concrete institutional structure can radically reshape individual behavior” (Cooper, 1985). Purpose of the research “The purpose of Zimbardo 's research was to investigate the influence of situational factors on behavior” (Brady, Logsdon, 1988). Philip Zimbardo wanted to gain an understanding of the development of norms. What will the perception of norms be? Will the labels, and social expectations change? One purpose of the research experiment was also to find solutions to conflict

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