The Start Of A New Beginning

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The Start of a New Beginning Civilization is a term well known by Historians, it is one of the bases of understanding how things came to be. Western Civilization is considered the a turning point in history. It was the beginning of something new that affected life as we know it today. I however believe that the people of this time were more colonized rather than civilized. I say this because of how we see it as how barbaric it was compared to how we live our lives. The way the people came together to form a community and colonize one million years ago. To form laws and codes of how to live and coincide with one another without havoc. Hammurabi’s code to be exact, this was a major stepping stone into a more civilized civilization, in a violent manner. Hammurabi’s code is a well known method for being vindictive. It was created to keep the people in line, and if they were not they would be punished severly based on the crime. The beginning known as Mesopotamia is where colonization and civilization truly became one. Early Mesopotamia had very little structure, but for it’s time it was remarkable. Some think that Mesopotamia were mainly composed of Greeks due to the similarities that we have in common today (Golden). In Mesopotamia the women were slaves, they were under the protection of their fathers until they seemed fit for marriage which was usually after puberty. When this occurred the father would sell his daughter to the highest bidder. This was quite a change from
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