The State Terror in Taiwan

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Terrorists are portrayed as evil and unlawful while states represent the justice and legitimate side that against it. According to Jackson(2011: , more than 80 percent of the academic articles are dealing with non-state terrorism. However, as described by Jackson(2011: 228-9 in Jackson, R., Murphy, E. & Poynting, S.), state terrorism is “…a political phenomenon in the contemporary international system” and is “employed by almost every kind of state”. As claimed by Grant (2010:11-2), Terrorism is an political strategy that had been used frequently throughout the history, human condition, but the modern variety with all the technology improvement,but it is not until the 19th century, with help of technology improvement and start of the colonisation, that terrorism started to gain public consciousness as states adopted violent political strategies to rule their colonies. According to Law (2009: 160-1, 171-5), State terrorism is one of the biggest sources of human suffering and destruction. It is stated that state terrorism leaves traces while state terror doesn’t, but this essay will argued that state terror might not be remembered by the general public but it still subconsciously has psychological effect on the citizens. This above theory will be discussed in this essay by a…
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