Terrorism Is An International And Domestic Problem Essay

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Terrorism is an international and domestic problem in today’s society. Many countries are affected by terrorism directly and sometimes indirectly. A substantial amount of nations question terrorism, however there are some nations that tolerate it and or encourage the active terrorists and extremist’s groups. There is no particular term that would describe terrorism, however it is often identified as the use of violence and fear in the hunt for political and often sometimes religious objectives. The most common objective for terrorists is to have their views heard and acknowledged. One thing that we all can agree on is that terrorism is mala in se. According to the U.S. Department, terrorism must contain four basic components. One, there must be a threat of violence and or an act of violence, there must be a political objective, violence and a threat of violence must be a direct attack on civilians which would make civilians the primary target and lastly, it has to be perpetrated by supporting a nation and or nations of terrorism. (U.S. Department, n.d.)
Throughout the year’s thousands of individuals have lost their lives due to terrorist attacks. Many foreign countries have witnessed firsthand the evil that terrorism can bring on a daily basis. Truth is, although we as Americans have not witnessed much of it up until recent years, terrorism has been around for many decades now. There are several foreign terrorist organizations out there that are constantly terrorizing
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