The State of Wyoming and Energy Resources

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The State of Wyoming has been described as one of most prolific states as far as energy resources are concerned. Please provide your take on this state's resources and how they are being utilized. Does the state have a plan on how to curtail pollution in the long-run?
Wyoming accounts for a major percentage of coal mined all over the United States. Wyoming's Powder River Basin holds the eight largest coal mines of the United States. Wyoming obtains more than 90% of the state’sdomestic coal from Wyoming. The state is also good in the production of natural gas. Due to the excess usage of fuels, the people of the state are facing issues such as watery eyes, breath shortnessand bleeding noses due to the rise in the ozone levels.The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality warned the people with respiratory symptoms to avoid extended outdoor activities (Reynolds, 2013).
In order to overcome the problems associated with the use of resources that causes pollution,the state should employ renewable sources of energy. Wyoming has abundant renewable energy resources. 47 percent of the total energy used in the United States can be obtained from Wyoming alone (Reynolds, 2013).The state adheres to the federal standards for air pollutants that are hazardous to health.The Department of Environmental Quality of Wyoming monitors the air resources by conducting inspections to keep the atmosphere clean.

There are two types of minerals that we find in Earth - rock-forming and ore minerals.

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