The Stephen Glass Film

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Before watching the movie, I knew about the Stephen Glass case but I did not know detailed events that led up to his Glass’s case being exposed. In my opinion, the movie did a great job as far as casting. The actors in the movie understood their roles and played it well although there were some moments that could have been done differently. In my opinion, there were some parts in the film that could have been dramatize and much more intense because the situation and seriousness of what was occurring called for it.
To begin, the casting of the film was well thought out. The characters played their parts well especially the main characters Stephen Glass played by Hayden Christensen, Chuck Lane played by Peter Sarsgaard, and Caitlin Avey played by Chloe Sevigny. Christensen embodied Glass’s persona so well that it almost seemed like he was actually Glass. He was charming towards his coworkers and persuasive as well. These characteristic of Glass was essential and needed to be seen …show more content…

The main problem I had with the film was the lack of intensity and seriousness when addressing Glass about his false stories. For example, there was a scene where chuck took Glass to a building he made up in one of his stories. In the moment Chuck asks Glass several times to confirm if the building was real and Glass confirms that the building was just his imagination and creativity. In this particular scene, I felt like Chuck should have been livid. Nevertheless, chuck did seem angry but not to the extreme. Another scene that could have been exaggerated a bit more was when Chuck started to take down all of the stories Glass wrote. At this point in the film, Chuck began to realize the abundance of lies that was printed and published. If I was the head editor reading the lies published in my papers, I would have been furious but Lane was calm and poised for the most part. He basically took down each magazine and read each

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