The Stock Market : A Competitive Advantage For Corporate Crimes Or General Lack Of Human Appreciation

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Nestlé S.A is a globalized packaged-goods producer formed in 1866, during a time when international trade began to flourish. With a portfolio of more than 200 brands such as Gerber, Nesquik, Nestea, Poland Spring, Purina and Stouffers, Nestlé has been in business for 150 years and operates in 189 countries (Bollinger, 2017). Today Nestlés products include milk, chocolate, confectionery, bottled water, coffee, creamer, food seasoning and pet food (bloomberg, 2017). Today Nestlé is one of the most hated companies in the world, whether it be for corporate crimes or general lack of human appreciation, protest and boycotts tend to follow this company. Although this may be the case, Nestlés stock still manages to maintain a strong dividend, a …show more content…

In most places where Nestlé gathers water is affected greatly, specifically by the production of mineral water. This abuse of vulnerable water resources is a long term environmental issue. According to the Corporate Watch, in 2001, residents of the Serra da Mantiqueira region of Brazil began to investigate the changes in the water and dry out of one of the springs. They discovered that Nestlé was pumping large amounts of water from a well 150 meters deep. This water was then demineralized and became table water for “Pure Life.” Water needs hundreds of years inside the earth to have all the minerals necessary, overpumping decreases mineral content. The “Citizens for Water” movement turned Nestlé into the authorities of Brazil, due to demineralizing being illegal. Although Nestlé lost, pumping is still continuing to take place as the appeal process is taking place.
Nestlé’s marketing and false advertising in baby food has caused another corporate crime. According to the World Health Organization, “an estimated 1.5 million infants die each year because of inappropriate feeding, because children vulnerable to disease are being bottle-fed on breastmilk substitutes rather than breastfed whenever possible.” Nestlé has been a large contributor in

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