The Storm Of Love By Kate Chopin

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Essay 3 The Storm of Love ``The Storm`` by Kate Chopin is a story that starts with a situation in which a small boy,
Bibi, and his father, Bobinôt, spend time in a local store during the storm. Meanwhile, Calixta,
Bibi’s mother is home alone. Suddenly Calixta realizes a storm is blowing outside of her home.
She goes outside to gather Bobinot’s Sunday clothes and then she meets her old boyfriend,
Alcée. Calixta accepts Alcee’s request to come inside the home until the storm passes the area.
Inside the home they are alone together. They start being affectionate with each other and later
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`` Her tendency is not to kiss Bobinot as a wife would, instead she kisses him as a mother that kisses her child’s cheek. Calixta and Bobinot have an unsatisfied marriage and lack of sexual intimacy with each other. The significant evidence is the couple’s bedroom. Their bedroom doesn’t show that they have any loving relationship because always their bedroom`s `` door stood open. `` The bedroom is a symbol of privacy, while the open door to other parts of the house means no privacy or sexual affection is going on there. The marital bed is another important sign that expresses the couple sexual intimacy, but her bed looks like a `` white, monumental bed, its closed shutters, looked dim and mysterious.`` The white bed symbolizes purity and virginity and the whiteness means that the bed is never used as usual. They don`t have even opportunities for privacy and sexual activity, because `` Adjoining was her bedroom, with Bibi`s couch alongside her own. `` The child’s bed next to the mother’s bed shows that there is no chance of having any romance in that room. Calixta feels positive and fulfilled by sexual intercourse with Alcee. She exhibits a satisfied feeling and makes him also to be pleased with ``her firm, elastic flesh that was knowing for the first time its birthright. `` Her body achieves the pleasure that is her right, and she is born for that, but has never

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