The Story Of A Old Boy Essay

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The story is told of a Father, mother and young son, who were living in the tenement section of a major city. The father came home at the end of a long, hard day of work and decided to sit down on the steps to read the paper and rest for a while before climbing the steps to his apartment.
Suddenly he heard the sound of tires skidding and he could smell the odor of rubber burning on the pavement. Then he heard that dull thud of an automobile hitting a body. He ran out into the street and an automobile had struck his own little boy. He had been knocked unconscious, so the father picked him up and held him in his arms until the ambulance came. He went with his son to the hospital and sat at his bedside for thirty-six hours, until the boy finally regained consciousness.
When the little boy became conscious, he opened his eyes, but he didn’t see anything that was familiar to him. He looked up the wall and across the ceiling, but there was nothing up there that he recognized. Then his eyes wandered down the wall on the other side of the room until they finally found his daddy; the only thing in the room that was familiar to him and he said, “Daddy, where you been”? The father said, “Well, son. I’ve been here all the time”.
But when I heard that story, I wondered what you would say if your son or daughter were to say to you, “Daddy or Mother, where you been”?
Could you say with David, “I will walk within my own house with a perfect heart” (Psalms 101:2)? Or, could you say

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