The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin And Daystar By Rita Dove

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In the poem "the story of an hour" by Kate Chopin and "Daystar" by Rita dove the both attempt overcome their obsession by finding an outlet. Involved toned to warming I 'm trying to find something to do or something to watch to comfort them. Both woman wanted freedom. Freedom to be themselves.
This theme can apply to many women of there time.Woman did not really have much power or say in anything that went on. Women where really the ones that stayed at home. They took care of the family and tend to the house while the husband was out working. Woman 's opinion in that time did not matter, nor were they considered. Although they had desires and feelings or equal rights, it was just not heard of that time paid.Woman really lived life in silence.

"The story of an hour" related when Mrs.Mallard,a women last supper from heart problems here 's news of her husband. She gets the news that her husband was involved in a tragic train wreck. She was so shocked from her husband death, that she just excused herself and immediately walked to her bedroom where she shows how she really feels. She is upset by her husband sudden death; however she has something to be happy about now that her husband has passed away. Mrs. Mallard starts to feel extremely happy because now she can finally be own person. "When she abandoned her self a little whispered word escape her slightly parted lips. She said... Free free free"(Chopin 307). Here for the first time you see Mrs.Mallard really coming out of…

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