The Story Of Jack Slave

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It 's been a week since Jessica had no choice but to be Jack slave. She 's been doing his homework, cleaning his room. It 's wasn 't so bad until today.

Jack ordered her to get into one of her sexiest lingerie, she had on a red corset and pink stockings with red high heels.

Jack looked at his sister up and down with lust. "Great outfit Sis, but we 're going to make a video of you 're gang bang."

She looked at him with disbelief. "My fucking god, you can 't be serious? No fucking way, you pervert! For a moment I was thinking you wanted a show. Not to get dress and fuck some random strangers."

Jack slap her face angerly. "Shut up bitch. You 're my slave and everything I say, you do. Do I make myself clear?"

Jessica cried and nodded. …show more content…

He wanted to fuck Jessica since she turn him down at high school.

Then you got Alex who was very bright student, some would call him a nard. He never had much friends. She told her math teacher, he 's copying her test. That incident had made him drop a grade. What got him upset, the teacher trust her over him.

Then you got Lori who was a lesbian, Lori asked Jessica once if she could kiss her. Turn out, Jessica told all her friends and that made her the laughing stock of the entire School. Her nickname had been 'Lori the dyke ' ever since.

For them, including Tom. It 's time for some revenge on Miss.Perfect and payback going to be a bitch. Jack got his camera ready and order her to do what ever they say.

Dave couldn 't believe to see Jessica in such whoreish clothing. It made his cock swell in excitement.

"Bitch! Lay down and spread your legs wide, I been dreaming for this day, forever. I 'm going to fuck you so hard, your mother will feel it!!"

Jessica tried to protest. "The place dirty, and I don 't want your perverted cock in me.!"

Her brother slap her again. "I said do what they say. No more arguing slave!"

Dave shove his cock deep inside her pussy and Alex taken her back door. Lori got top of her face, forcing her to eat her cunt out. They are simultaneously abusing her impregnated body.

Dave: "Dam your pussy tight slut, I told you. I 'll fuck you someday, look at me now!"

Alex: "Stupid bitch, you mess

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