The Story Of Jack Slave

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It 's been a week since Jessica had no choice but to be Jack slave. She 's been doing his homework, cleaning his room. It 's wasn 't so bad until today.

Jack ordered her to get into one of her sexiest lingerie, she had on a red corset and pink stockings with red high heels.

Jack looked at his sister up and down with lust. "Great outfit Sis, but we 're going to make a video of you 're gang bang."

She looked at him with disbelief. "My fucking god, you can 't be serious? No fucking way, you pervert! For a moment I was thinking you wanted a show. Not to get dress and fuck some random strangers."

Jack slap her face angerly. "Shut up bitch. You 're my slave and everything I say, you do. Do I make myself clear?"

Jessica cried and nodded. She think to herself. What worse, having her mother find out she 's pregnant or be Jack slave. Deep down, Jessica feels excited getting humiliated by a gang bang. Her mother would never approve this kinda action, that what 's make it more exciting to her. She wonder what her friends and family members think of her now, if they ever find out. The other part within her, scream out and tell her to run.

Jack drove them to his friend, Tom. His apartment was just plain horrid. Beer cans on the floor. Cigarette butts all over the place and the carpet haven 't been vacuum in months. It 's the perfect condition to get her filmed, for her first gang bang.

Tom made a few phone calls to all the people that despise Jessica.

Dave was a jock, she said…
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